January & February 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                 

    But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.        Matthew 13:23

Camargo:  In January the Iglesia Bíblica Bautista had its annual Mission Conference with Mexican missionary Jaime Longoria.  The first message, “Wake Up!” was exactly what both the church and I needed.  I was somewhat discouraged, I think in part, because we continuously knock doors, but don’t see “fruit that remains”.  Though we are very careful to avoid “easy believism”, most every week, I or others from the church, have someone make a profession of faith.  But almost never can we get one of them to come out to a single service.  We realize the work is the Lord’s, that He will build His church! We not only need to be faithful to go and seek the lost, but also to fast and pray, seeking his hand upon us.  My assistant and I regularly fast and have prayer meetings, and we are trying to encourage our church to spend one day a week fasting and praying for our church, that the Lord would bless our efforts to reach the lost, and to baptize and disciple them! 
    The Mission Conference was a success, though the promise was barely more than last year’s.  Some hadn’t kept up, so I was encouraged by their new resolve!
    We sent Arturo, one of my assistants, to a Bible institute in January.  He is doing well, and calls each week, excited about what he’s learned and of ministry opportunities in Torreón, to implement what he’s being taught.  When he was here he worked to help support his mom, Mayra and 3 siblings.  Our church has helped them with some food, etc., besides sending him a love offering  each month.  Then Mayra lost her job and has been a month without work to provide for her 3 teens.  Two are in school and 15 year old Fabian, makes around $5.00 a day, when there’s work, to help out.  Obviously the church and I are helping them more until she can find work.  I believe in part, that it’s because of all this, she’s not missed a single service and her kids are more faithful!  The other day in an invitation, she realized that though she had made a profession of faith, she wasn’t saved!  Right away she started reading the Bible through, with our guide, and in 2 weeks read 2 months’ to catch up!  She wants to be discipled along with some other women who have just been saved or who have never been discipled. She’s also helped clean the church building!
    In the last letter I told of Mónica, who upon trusting the Lord, asked if she could go door knocking with us.  I’m happy to report that she has been door knocking with us!
    One of our ladies had been witnessing to Blanca, but until her husband left her to raise her 2 teens and a 10 year old alone, she was too catholic.  They’ve all been here 3 Sundays in a row!

Kids and teens:  Bro Jorge, my assistant is having neighborhood Bible clubs with the help of some of the teens.  Many don’t continue, but every Saturday a few new kids come!
          Bro. Jorge is doing well with the teen group as well, with attendances of almost 20, besides 4 – 6 teens coming from a good church in Jimenez, about 45 minutes away, who don’t have teen meetings.  That has been a huge encouragement to our teens, as well for them!

Praise:  Souls saved; Good Conference; Church encouraged, seeing fruit; Mayra saved, Mónica

Prayer:  Souls to be saved & baptized; Discipleship courses; Blanca & kids to be saved; Arturo in Institute; Bible Clubs; Teens to be more faithful to church services

In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico