May & June 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.            Luke 9:24

Camargo:  The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista is in a summer-time slump.  We visit, encourage, but when the chili, tomato, onion, etc. harvest begins, it is just tough!  Attendances are up and down, offerings are down, but we have visitors almost every service!  So praise the Lord!
    We continue following up on the hundreds of people who either made a profession of faith, or at least came to the meeting and heard a clear presentation of the gospel during our scripture campaign the first of May.
    Bro. Mario, one of our most faithful men has been without work for more than 3 months, because he won’t work on Sunday or Thursday late, to not miss church services.  If he had a vehicle, and or his own money to invest for products to sell to stores, he’d have work.
    Mayra was to have a hysterectomy, but because it’s not cancerous they decided to do some kind of treatment and not do the surgery, at least not yet.

Missionary:  Bro. Arnulfo Nieto, a Mexican church planter had taken a year or so off to attend to the needs of his 3 teen age and older daughters.  We took the church van and a trailer to move their household belongings to Meoqui, Chihuahua, where he feels the Lord is leading them to start another church.  They came to our church about 6 months after our mission conference, to challenge us to trust the Lord for our Faith Promise offerings, as we are barely keeping up with the missionaries we are supporting, and need to support more.                                                               
   Later in June we will be going to Durango to move a young preacher and his family to Parral, Chihuahua, to pastor one of the churches Bro. Arnulfo started.
Teens:  Teen camp will be July 22nd to 26th. They are really trying to raise the money.  We’d like for all of them to go, but they must work to earn at least part of their way!      Our teens have a large part in our Vacation Bible School, August 5 through 9 as well.  Bro Jorge, my assistant, is doing a great job of organizing and preparing everything!We had a high of 117 last year and a goal this year of 150. It’s a good opportunity for teens and adults to put in practice what they are learning.  We’re praying a lot of the kids will keep coming.

Health Update:  A neurologist in Chihuahua ordered several tests to find out why I have lost my sense of taste, etc.  The cardiologist said the main valve of my heart isn’t closing completely, thus not getting the full flow of blood to my brain, etc, which he believes is responsible for a variety of strange things.  Sometimes my heart quits pumping blood for more than half a minute.  The blood tests have come back normal, but the blood flow and irregular heart beat seem to be the major concerns.  So, I’m on medications, which I detest, beside the money and having to make time for it!  He cut most green foods, because the vitamin k in them counteracts the blood thinner.

Church vans:  Three years ago a church gave us 2 vans that are still in El Paso.  We were assured that the Mexican government would soon open it up to be able to import them legally.  Just now we learned that they will only be nationalizing vehicles that are already here illegally.  So for waiting to do it legally, we can’t nationalize them.

Praise: Visitors; Mayra didn’t need surgery; More serious health concerns ruled out

Prayer: Tithes and Faith promise to pick up; Mario-work; Arnulfo-new work in Meoqui; Teen Camp in July; VBS in August; My health and adjusting to changes; Import church vans

In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico