September & October 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                     
September & October 2019

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;     Colossians 1:10

Camargo:  The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista is so blessed and so am I!  We have a good core group of people that although people come and go, they remain faithful!
    We have been fasting as a church, though not all of our folks participate, from Saturday afternoon until Sunday after the evening service.  We’re all more encouraged, and almost always have visitors in the services! 
    Our Vacation Bible School in August is just now producing fruit. We had several teens up to 17 years old who came to Vacation Bible School.  From 5 to 7 of those 11 to 13 year old young people are coming off and on to our Bible Clubs and youth meetings on Saturday and Sunday evening services!  The first service they came, they were bored in the adult service.  So, we started 2 new classes, one each for boys and girls from 11-13, and some are excited and anxious to learn!  This age group doesn’t feel like kids, but have a hard time fitting into the youth group, though our teens are great to accept and include everyone!  There have also been a few younger kids from the Bible Club coming on Sunday, and 3 that live near the church.  Most weeks we have 3 new older widows coming.
    More of our folks are coming out to knock doors, and some people are sincerely listening to a presentation of the gospel, some making a profession of faith.  On the second visit to an elderly couple, I led Julio and Elizabeth to the Lord.  Please pray they will get into church.                  
    We prayed for Bro. Mario who had been without work for almost 6 months because of his conviction to not miss services.  God blessed him with a great, stable job and benefits, with the biggest milk producer in this region!  God answered in a marvelous way!
    Please pray for Bro Joel, who, Nov. 25, will start tests for some serious health issues.
    Pray the Lord would show us the right Mexican man to pastor this church in His time!

Mission Conference:  I had the privilege of preaching in the Mission Conference at Constitución, Chihuahua, Mexico, with Pastor Rubén Robles.  We first visited that church in 1985, before surrendering to be missionaries, and numerous times after, working with Bearing Precious Seed.  It was sure good to renew old acquaintances with the pastor and some of the older members, and to see their faithfulness.

Sixth Anniversary:  The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista celebrated 6 years from the time we first gathered the Bible study groups together to begin the church.  Bro. David Lydick from Bellevue, Nebraska was our guest speaker, and I translated.  We got to know Bro. Lydick when Connie was undergoing cancer treatments at University Medical Center in Omaha.  We had three great days of preaching, with the altars full most every service!  Some commented that the messages spoke to the depths of their soul, and have asked when Bro. Lydick is coming back!
   To top the week off, a young indigenous couple, Efraín & Flora from Guerrero was saved!

Praise: Faithful church members; Visitors, Teens and children coming; Julio and Elizabeth, Efraín & Flora saved; Bro. Mario work; Great 6th anniversary celebration! Souls saved!
Prayer: Lord to bless our fasting/praying; Bro. Joel/tests/health; Souls to be saved;  Pastor for the Bible Baptist Church

In Christ’s Service
Bro. Ron Winter