March & April 2020

Dear Friends in Christ, 
He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20
Camargo:  The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista has been quite limited, as no more than 10 personas are allowed to congregate.  So not only can we not have regular services, but door-to-door visitation has been suspended.  Not even Jehovah’s Witnesses are proselyting!  We still have no idea when we’ll be able to resume regular services!  Offerings are down, but we’ve been able to keep up with our missionary support, bills, etc. on schedule!  Praise the Lord we are able to post the preaching on Facebook, and plan to continue after this is over!
We’ve seen some lost family members of the church watching and sharing the videos!
   Many small businesses have been closed, destroying the already fragile economy, as many people live from day-to-day!  Ironically, bigger businesses, where there is supposedly more risk of contamination, remain open, with restrictions!  It is very unfortunate, as there have not been any confirmed cases of the Corona Virus here in Camargo.  It seems the decision to limit congregating, closing “non-essential” businesses, etc. is determined by each city in Mexico.  I’m told that traveling on the federal highways they check your temperature at the toll booths.  Here they physically closed some restaurants that tried to stay open, then most closed voluntarily.  The city seems like a ghost town!
   So, when it all started, I invited the teen boys to come every day to have a part in their own church building, getting them out of their houses with too much down time.  I told their parents, they would be working with men, to learn how to be men!  Four boys came, two of which have no father figure in their home.  For about 4 weeks, they were learning welding, mechanics, tools, building trades; house wiring, carpentry, sheet-rock, painting, etc., and a lot of discipline and hard work.  They seem to have learned a lot!  Beside all that, they were in a Christian environment, with Christian music playing, with my assistant Bro. Jorge, myself, and sometimes another man.  Some of the ladies were taking turns providing noon meals for us.  Then the schools started doing classes online, so now they only come on Saturdays.  Praise the Lord for the help, and the progress made on the auditorium!
Assistant / Teen Pastor:  Bro. Jorge came down with an inner-ear infection that the doctor says started from allergies.  He has been on antibiotics for about 4 weeks, each time something stronger, but continues with pain, drainage, and can’t hear very well.  It’s a hard way to start off your married life!  Please pray for him to recover soon!
    Pray we can take the teens to camp the end of July, if it’s the Lord’s will!
Building:  Praise the Lord we are making steady progress on the building renovations, as funds are available!  When we have most of the auditorium done, we will need to shorten and install some church pews that were donated.  We are trying to get the auditorium pretty well done by the time we can meet together as a church!
PRAISE:  Able to publish preaching on Facebook; Still able to pay the bills; The church is all healthy; Work done on the auditorium, experience and help of the boys, meals;
PRAYER: THE CHURCH to MEET TOGETHER, DOOR KNOCKING and OUTREACH TO RESUME SOON; Bro. Jorge’s ear infection; Wisdom, safety and provision for building renovations; More people to hear the gospel on line and be saved; Rain for the ranchers!
In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico