May & June 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.            Luke 9:24

Camargo:  The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista is in a summer-time slump.  We visit, encourage, but when the chili, tomato, onion, etc. harvest begins, it is just tough!  Attendances are up and down, offerings are down, but we have visitors almost every service!  So praise the Lord!
    We continue following up on the hundreds of people who either made a profession of faith, or at least came to the meeting and heard a clear presentation of the gospel during our scripture campaign the first of May.
    Bro. Mario, one of our most faithful men has been without work for more than 3 months, because he won’t work on Sunday or Thursday late, to not miss church services.  If he had a vehicle, and or his own money to invest for products to sell to stores, he’d have work.
    Mayra was to have a hysterectomy, but because it’s not cancerous they decided to do some kind of treatment and not do the surgery, at least not yet.

Missionary:  Bro. Arnulfo Nieto, a Mexican church planter had taken a year or so off to attend to the needs of his 3 teen age and older daughters.  We took the church van and a trailer to move their household belongings to Meoqui, Chihuahua, where he feels the Lord is leading them to start another church.  They came to our church about 6 months after our mission conference, to challenge us to trust the Lord for our Faith Promise offerings, as we are barely keeping up with the missionaries we are supporting, and need to support more.                                                               
   Later in June we will be going to Durango to move a young preacher and his family to Parral, Chihuahua, to pastor one of the churches Bro. Arnulfo started.
Teens:  Teen camp will be July 22nd to 26th. They are really trying to raise the money.  We’d like for all of them to go, but they must work to earn at least part of their way!      Our teens have a large part in our Vacation Bible School, August 5 through 9 as well.  Bro Jorge, my assistant, is doing a great job of organizing and preparing everything!We had a high of 117 last year and a goal this year of 150. It’s a good opportunity for teens and adults to put in practice what they are learning.  We’re praying a lot of the kids will keep coming.

Health Update:  A neurologist in Chihuahua ordered several tests to find out why I have lost my sense of taste, etc.  The cardiologist said the main valve of my heart isn’t closing completely, thus not getting the full flow of blood to my brain, etc, which he believes is responsible for a variety of strange things.  Sometimes my heart quits pumping blood for more than half a minute.  The blood tests have come back normal, but the blood flow and irregular heart beat seem to be the major concerns.  So, I’m on medications, which I detest, beside the money and having to make time for it!  He cut most green foods, because the vitamin k in them counteracts the blood thinner.

Church vans:  Three years ago a church gave us 2 vans that are still in El Paso.  We were assured that the Mexican government would soon open it up to be able to import them legally.  Just now we learned that they will only be nationalizing vehicles that are already here illegally.  So for waiting to do it legally, we can’t nationalize them.

Praise: Visitors; Mayra didn’t need surgery; More serious health concerns ruled out

Prayer: Tithes and Faith promise to pick up; Mario-work; Arnulfo-new work in Meoqui; Teen Camp in July; VBS in August; My health and adjusting to changes; Import church vans

In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico

March & April 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth… Psalms 40:10

Camargo: Over the course of 2½ years, The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista had gotten a John and Romans into every home, as well as witnessing to all who answered the door in this city of almost 55,000. A group of Americans from Minnesota and North Dakota came down on a scripture campaign the last of April. Bro. Hector Jimenez and family, with Bearing Precious Seed, El Paso, TX a ministry of my sending church, First Baptist of Milford, OH, brought the group down, and helped with everything. BPS also printed up personalized John and Romans booklets, and the group handed out and put on doors, over 22,000! The last night, we had a meeting in a large plaza in the middle of the largest sub-division in the city. There were 304 adults in attendance, and at least 100 kids. At least 50 made a profession of faith at the meeting, of which we got their names and addresses. Several were saved with people from our church door knocking! Amen!
The Lord has been dealing with my heart about challenging the church to fast and pray every Saturday afternoon through Sunday after the evening service. The final motivator for the fasting and praying was for that scripture campaign. Since we started, we’ve had at least one visitor in every service, even a couple of families, most as a result of the campaign! We are very busy just following up on people who came out to the meeting!
I wrote of Mayra, whose son Arturo, is in a Bible institute. She got saved and never misses, and has gotten some of her family to come as well! She has begun being discipled. Pray her other teenage children would be saved and for an upcoming surgery; they are still not sure if it is cancerous.
Karla’s husband is not saved. She is a faithful soul-winner and after a ladies conference, is making changes to be more submissive to him, etc. We have been praying for Oscar for years, and he just had a health scare that woke him up to his lost state! He is now afraid of dying, so is somewhat receptive! Pray Oscar will be saved soon!
René came with his brother, and after church told me he felt empty inside. He said he had tried to fill that void with women, drugs and alcohol, all to no avail. I got to lead him to the Lord, and he is excited! He brought his wife and daughter to church the next service!
Eight ladies are being discipled! It is exciting to see growth, and a desire in the new converts to reach others!

Health: I’ve been having some digestive issues, so have seen some doctors. There doesn’t appear to be a cure, but with daily probiotics I feel pretty well to work and perform my obligations!
I have also lost my sense of taste and struggle to pronounce some words. Tests have already ruled out heart attacks/mini-strokes, etc., but I’m having more tests to rule out other things. I appreciate your prayers, though I’m not worried. I just want the Lord’s will to be done! I Praise the Lord that excellent doctors and medical care are available in Mexico!

Praise: Great scripture campaign; Souls saved, Visitors; The Lord blessing our prayer and fasting as a church; Discipleships; God’s faithfulness; Faithful churches that support me! Thank you!

Prayer: Mayra’s health, kids to be saved; Oscar to be saved; People who’ve made a profession to come to church and get baptized; My health/the Lord’s will

In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico

January & February 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                 

    But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.        Matthew 13:23

Camargo:  In January the Iglesia Bíblica Bautista had its annual Mission Conference with Mexican missionary Jaime Longoria.  The first message, “Wake Up!” was exactly what both the church and I needed.  I was somewhat discouraged, I think in part, because we continuously knock doors, but don’t see “fruit that remains”.  Though we are very careful to avoid “easy believism”, most every week, I or others from the church, have someone make a profession of faith.  But almost never can we get one of them to come out to a single service.  We realize the work is the Lord’s, that He will build His church! We not only need to be faithful to go and seek the lost, but also to fast and pray, seeking his hand upon us.  My assistant and I regularly fast and have prayer meetings, and we are trying to encourage our church to spend one day a week fasting and praying for our church, that the Lord would bless our efforts to reach the lost, and to baptize and disciple them! 
    The Mission Conference was a success, though the promise was barely more than last year’s.  Some hadn’t kept up, so I was encouraged by their new resolve!
    We sent Arturo, one of my assistants, to a Bible institute in January.  He is doing well, and calls each week, excited about what he’s learned and of ministry opportunities in Torreón, to implement what he’s being taught.  When he was here he worked to help support his mom, Mayra and 3 siblings.  Our church has helped them with some food, etc., besides sending him a love offering  each month.  Then Mayra lost her job and has been a month without work to provide for her 3 teens.  Two are in school and 15 year old Fabian, makes around $5.00 a day, when there’s work, to help out.  Obviously the church and I are helping them more until she can find work.  I believe in part, that it’s because of all this, she’s not missed a single service and her kids are more faithful!  The other day in an invitation, she realized that though she had made a profession of faith, she wasn’t saved!  Right away she started reading the Bible through, with our guide, and in 2 weeks read 2 months’ to catch up!  She wants to be discipled along with some other women who have just been saved or who have never been discipled. She’s also helped clean the church building!
    In the last letter I told of Mónica, who upon trusting the Lord, asked if she could go door knocking with us.  I’m happy to report that she has been door knocking with us!
    One of our ladies had been witnessing to Blanca, but until her husband left her to raise her 2 teens and a 10 year old alone, she was too catholic.  They’ve all been here 3 Sundays in a row!

Kids and teens:  Bro Jorge, my assistant is having neighborhood Bible clubs with the help of some of the teens.  Many don’t continue, but every Saturday a few new kids come!
          Bro. Jorge is doing well with the teen group as well, with attendances of almost 20, besides 4 – 6 teens coming from a good church in Jimenez, about 45 minutes away, who don’t have teen meetings.  That has been a huge encouragement to our teens, as well for them!

Praise:  Souls saved; Good Conference; Church encouraged, seeing fruit; Mayra saved, Mónica

Prayer:  Souls to be saved & baptized; Discipleship courses; Blanca & kids to be saved; Arturo in Institute; Bible Clubs; Teens to be more faithful to church services

In Christ’s Service,
Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico

November & December 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                          
November & December 2018

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:  –2 Thessalonians 3:1

Christmas:  I want to express a special thanks to all who sent a special love offering for Christmas!  It was a huge blessing and real encouragement to see your love for missionaries and for the work of the Lord. God bless you!!  I trust that 2019 will be a great year for all of us!
          The church here insisted and my kids encouraged me to be with them for Christmas.  It has been two years since Connie passed away.  I’m doing fine, though I do get lonely.  I had a couple of days with each of my kids and their families. It was a wonderful Christmas!  I also reported to three supporting churches.  Andrew and Shana and their four girls came back down with me for a few days.  Andrew preached for us and got to see our new church building, and my apartment in the building.  We had a great time, and I really needed the encouragement!

Camargo:  We have people making a profession of faith most every week, at their door. Since my first assistant left in June, first the teens with whom they worked, then some of those parents have been somewhat discouraged, so our attendances have suffered.  But we’ve been fasting and praying, and God is blessing with visitors and some people getting saved and coming out to services. 
          Connie and I met Anita when she was working in a restaurant and had come to one service.  Now, more than two years later I knocked her door and she was excited to get saved!  As I showed her some verses on eternal security, she said that was the most wonderful thing she had ever heard, that Christ had paid it all and that she has eternal life – Forever!  She and some granddaughters came to several services, but then she moved here in town, and I haven’t been able to find her.
          Mónica and her 10 year old daughter have been coming faithfully to services for a couple of months.  Sunday night after the service, she asked one of our ladies if she could get saved!  Then one of the first things Monica asked, was if she could go out with us knocking doors!  AMEN!!
          We will have our Faith Promise Mission Conference this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Jaime Longoria, a Mexican missionary to Panama will be preaching for us.

Assistants:  Jorge went to Sinaloa on the west coast, to propose to his girlfriend.  They plan to wed in September.  He should get back here this week.  We are excited that he will be starting some Bible clubs in different neighborhoods.
          Arturo just left to attend a Bible Institute in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.  He will be there for three years, coming back home for a couple of months each summer.  I’m already missing him, he is a good worker and he reminded me of things I needed to do!

Praise:  Souls saved – answered prayer; Great Christmas – Christ’s love for us; Special
Christmas love offerings; Anita and Monica’s excitement to be saved

Prayer:  Anita, to find her; Arturo in the Bible institute; Mission Conf. Faith Promise commitments;
Jorge/ Bible clubs/ kids to be saved/ families reached

In Christ’s Service,

Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico

September & October 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                     

… pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified …: 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Camargo:  The Bible Baptist Church just celebrated its 5th anniversary.  The Lord really used Bro. Hector Jimenez from El Paso, TX, with the Bearing Precious Seed ministry out of my sending church, to encourage our church to keep on year after year, living sanctified lives and winning their families and our city to Christ.  The altar was full every service, as people made decisions to serve the Lord in a greater capacity.  We baptized 3 that Sunday, 2 teens and “Beto”, a young mentally challenged man who in another “church” had just been “baptized” to appease him, without dealing with him about his lost state and salvation.  He trusted Christ, repenting of his sin, and was baptized!  Praise the Lord!

Assistants:  Twenty-one year old Arturo who was saved a year ago, has been working with me for a few months, will be going to Torreon to a Bible institute for 3 years.  He is to return here to Camargo upon completion.
Jorge, 26 just came to work with us in October.  He is in his first year of Bible institute training by correspondence.  Pray that I will be able to teach and prepare these young men to be ready to do whatever the Lord would lead them to do.  At 61 years of age, I’m not as patient as I might be, but I’m trying.  I assume they should know common sense things, but they have either never been taught or never learned basic logic and reasoning.  It seems this generation struggles just to pay attention, and working in another language doesn’t help.  And when it comes to building renovation and physical, mechanical things, I have to show them how to do everything and why.

Coxcatlán, San Luis Potosí, MX: Bro. Lucio Hernandez, one of the missionaries our church supports, invited me to preach their mission conference.  Coxcatlán is in the jungle of eastern San Luis Potosí, Mexico, 18 hours from here by bus.  Many of the Nahuactl people there live as rural America, 100 years ago.  Not one house I was in had an indoor kitchen sink.  Some had an outdoor fire pit and the fire pit inside, with ceilings of palm leaves, the smoke rising up into the ceiling.  The walls were a type of large bamboo, with a corrugated metal roof, and or palm leaves.
I bathed with running water, that is, running to get water with a bucket from a tank outside.  It was rainy and chilly, so with no water heater, very refreshing!
They grow about whatever kind of fruit you could imagine and many I had never heard of.  There are banana and orange trees everywhere, with coffee beans, etc. growing beside many houses.
It is absolutely beautiful, but not an easy life.  They are such a sweet, hospitable people when they get saved, but very superstitious, idolatrous Catholics until then.  It was such a blessing to be able to eat in several of their homes, and experience what it is to literally live by faith, something most Americans only talk of.  It was a great time of encouragement for me!  Amen!
It was a challenge preaching, as they show very little emotion, but their conference was a success, with the Faith promise doubling what had been promised and given the year before!  Two new lost men came out every service.  They wouldn’t trust Christ at the time, but they heard the gospel again!  Four people surrendered to be baptized and followed through, a week later.
Our church here wants to raise the money and go help them put the roof on their new building!

Praise: People Saved; Fifth anniversary of Bible Baptist Church, those baptized; Assistants’ desire to learn and serve; Great conference in Coxcatlán and the blessing and encouragement it was to me
Prayer: Arturo going to Bible institute, Jorge studying and working here; Building roof Coxcatlán

In Christ’s Service,



Bro. Ron Winter
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico